Can a really hot guy be creepy?

So I've decided that girls will think ugly guys are always creepier than hot guys, even if they act the same. So if a girl catches an ugly guy staring at her chest, she will think he is creepy. What if it was a hot guy staring at her chest? Not so creepy now is he?


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  • Any guy can be labelled creepy by a girl. It's all about his behaviour and not about looks at all.


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  • Can a really hot guy be creepy?
    Yes as I find creepy isn't about physical attractiveness but comfort/familiarity about the actions or words as in how the guy does the action or say the words that results in her feeling uneasy, unsettled, or discomforted.

    I've known plenty of guys I find ugly socially skilled guys that have done things that other guys I find hot nonsocially skilled guys get called creepy for.

    • what is it that the ugly guy has done that you can possibly find hot?

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