GUYS- what do you think of this bikini?

the top:

the bottoms:


I'm not fat, not skinny, redhead, I know redheads don't usually look good in red, but mine is super dark (natural) so the color looks good, but does it look cute? hot? trying too hard?


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  • not my personal fav. but its good, btw redheads are hot no matter what they wear

    • Why thank you!

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    • I AM a redhead. which means I'm programmed to like them. haha. or at least favor them.

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  • I like it, particularly since there is no top:)

  • As a fellow redhead I would say it looks nice. I don't think any guy would disapprove of it. The important thing is how you feel about it. If it you feel comfortable wearing it, the guy will be able to tell and that will make you look all the more attractive!

    • Yup. I think it looks good on me. :]]

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