Anyone else unable to answer a "which of these look better" type of questions?

Kay so example on here all the time

Someone will post "which of these dresses/hairstyles look better"

And then the dressed and hairstyles are all laid out, but there on different people. Like... I can't tell you which ones better If they're not on the same person. I just can't. Not talking about extremes.

Anyone else?


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  • The point is to ignore the model and just assess the outfit. It's not hard for me to do, but maybe it's because I'm a girl lol.

    • Its impossible for me because when I look at someone I'm looking at a package ;/ like one hairstyle may look good on one gal but not another. Perfect example I can come up with is Claire from house of cards. She has short hair. she's hot as fuck but that same haircut on

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    • Okay so you've seen it! That same haircut on Zoe would look absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. Its not that its an old woman's hair style either I don't think.

    • I agree, Zoe doesn't have the bone structure for it. Claire has a really strong jawline, she can pull it off =]

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  • I'm mostly able to answer those, because one dress is usually sluttier than the other, and I usually also don't care about the models. I suppose for guys, it could be hard to not take the models into consideration


What Guys Said 2

  • It can be hard to ignore the person wearing the clothing. You are right about that. Also, each person has his/her own range between ugliest (1) and hottest (10) when rating. So that system doesn't work very well either.

  • I agree they all should be naked ;)


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