Feel inferior and insecure next to women?

How do I get over my insecurities when I'm next to women? I feel like I can't match up to them in terms of beauty or looks. I think of myself as being a man a worthless, meaningless, person in the presence of beautiful women.


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  • Feel inferior and insecure next to women?
    I find that uncommon as it seems most guys feel quite superior next to gals and are egoistical narcissists.

    How do I get over my insecurities when I'm next to women?
    Possibly by focusing on male beauty though likely that will come from a homoerotic source as it seems society is quite patriarchal/homophobic and generally sexually objectifies gals as visual objects not guys.

    • Too bad only gay men can be like that.

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    • Unsure what whether the behavior is learned or not has much relevance as either way the end result seems to be gals being less visual than guys. Which is supportive of my opinion that gals generally aren't going around checking out most guys for sexual appeal in the manner that guys seem to do with gals.

    • Fair enough and it makes me sad regardless. I want to be an object for female pleasure but females don't care.

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  • Hey, as a girl, I can ensure that we feel the same too, and you know what, I must agree with UM, as it is normal. Try not to think of it so much, because I'm sure that you'll be able to get over it.
    Be more confident in yourself, I am certain that's all you need! And in agreement with HWIM, I have to say that confidence is pretty attractive!

  • well that is depressing.. lol be confident in yourself, thats hot.


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  • Sounds normal. The good news is that you can't fix that. The bad news is that you need to go the gym, get really buff, and feel like all your effort was for nothing when you find you haven't changed.

  • .. work out


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