Do you think this top is sexy?

Ok, I did this yesterday and got a lot of variation in response. Granted yesterday's top was more cute than sexy, but here is a top that I think is very sexy. I love this look, but am interested to see what you think about it and the concept of wearing lingerie type tops like this? This one has a built in bra, so it's not that revealing.



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  • you love it cause it looks like somethign a girl would wear to bed. that's a shirt that you would wear underneath a sweater. If I saw a girl wearing that, I would tell her to put some clothes on. Not only is it too revealing, its ugly.

    • Yes, I like it because it looks like lingerie. What people seem be missing here, is that I constantly see these posts here asking guys what they think is sexy. Ok, I am just reversing it and telling you what we think is sexy. So, what we think is sexy, you guys think is skanky. Don't you think that is kind of interesting? Girls want to wear something that looks sexy for guys, but they don't want to wear what guys think is sexy:)

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    • Your welcome, and it was because the answer was honest and real, not a scathing rant like get a life pervo:)

    • Haha ok cool, thanks! props for liking people who keep it real :D

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  • i'd say a bit skanky. I'd be staring at her cleavage thinking "pull up your shirt... pull up your shirt!"

    • Hmmmmm, yea, I think that's what I like about it.

    • Well, I'm saying, a girl who wants a guy who looks at her face and not her chest would NEVER buy that unless it was underneath something. in an easier way for you to understand: girl not skanky, girl no buy.

  • ...whatever you say bro.

  • well of course you'r into it cause your a guy!


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