Girls: what's the best way to curl your hair?

My hair is naturally wavy, but whenever I scrunch it with mousse, it has more of a beachy, tousled look. What's the best way to get a soft, curly look? Like this:

Large barreled curling iron, rollers, or something else?

My hair is pretty thick and comes to the middle of my back..

Thanks! : )


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  • My hair looks like that naturally... How wavy is it?

    • It's pretty wavy. I like the wave to it, but it doesn't look as polished as I would like. Maybe I'm using the wrong product?

    • Oh I see. I use herbal essences as shampoo/conditioner. Maybe you can try that? My hair isn't perfectly wavy like the picture, but it is the same type of waves. You can also try putting your hair up in a bun without using a sock or a donut and take it out after an hour or so and your hair will look pretty.

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  • After I wash my hair I like to put gel or moose in it while it is still damped. Then put it up in a tight bun and sleep with it over night, and ta~da! :) Natural looking curls!

  • I've found that large curlers work really well but if you want tighter curls i would recommend a curling iron. If you are still wanting the scrunched look, braiding your hair at night when just slightly damp and then mouse or gel in the morning makes it a whole lot curlier.

  • curling iron and use a comb to kind of brush them out...


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