Best way to get long lasting curls on straight hair?

What's the best way to get long lasting curls on straight hair?
I have two curling irons a bigger and a smaller one. Are there any products that help the curls stay all day? I curl my hair take the time to do it and they just fall off like an hour or so later it's so annoying.


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  • As for products, the best one that works for me is hairspray. I find that works better than mousse as mousse is much heavier, so regardless of holding the curl it will also weight it down, straightening it out a fair bit throughout the night.

    Along with using hairspray, another tip that I've started using is that after each curl I make, I sort of hold it with one hand when it's still hot and pin it with a bobby pin. This will ensure that it cools down while still in a tight curl. I keep all my curls individually pinned back a few minutes until I leave the house, after which I'll quickly unpin it all, put my head upside down and hairspray it to increase the volume as well.

    As for whether you should use the bigger or smaller curling irons, I'd say use the smaller ones. The smaller the barrel the tighter the curl, so technically the harder it should be for the curl to straighten out.

    • Yeah I heard of holding it and pinning it down but I just though it was a pain in still learning how to properly curl it also when I done it it's been on short time. I love big curls but I know it would be better to get a smaller one and let them get looser with time lol. Any recommendations on affordable curling irons?

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  • put on lowest heat long time


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