Do American girls like Indian boys?

Also, specifically do blonde girls like Indian boys and what do American girls think about my look?


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  • As long as you don't go the stereotype Indian guy in India with the typical Indian mentality way - YES :)

    • Exactly..! :D

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    • Oh yes I agree on the put off thing but the QA is nowhere near those chaps lol

      Can't blame them though, the other side of fence is always greener and there are reasons even beyond that too :) rates back to British colonization times, made it more of a fantasy that cannot be reached by all :)

      It's ok for people like me who've traveled, interacted & had relationships almost all over much before the internet came into being the way we know it today :)

    • Broader horizons, better understanding of reality than it being something you see in magazines or movies and now websites :)

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  • Indian guys are hot. I think I dated an Indian guy who was a bit above my level in attraction tho, then he just kind of stopped talking to me :(

    • 'stopped talking to me' is SO Indian lol - I'm not mocking or even amused though, it's rude and insensitive to do that to anyone w/o explaining

    • Ask a question and you'll have global India posting their pics & profile to you for choice lol

      Good luck :)

  • The accents are not that hot, but I've seen a lot of handsome Indian guys.

    • What about those w/o an accent? :D (not about me, just a general question - I'm too old already lol)

    • The accent is a turn off for me personally.

  • I find some Indian guys very hot.

  • I saw this super hot Indian guy last week and oh my-had a ring on:(


What Guys Said 3

  • You can't generalize. There are going to be white girls, black girls, Hispanic girls, etc. who are attracted to Indian men. And there's girls who aren't. Just like I'm sure you aren't attracted to certain races or backgrounds but those races are attracted to Indian men.

  • you look like you should be filling my car up at the bharat petroleum station in swargate, pune. get a new shirt, bro.

  • This question makes you look severely lame.

    • You're not making yourself seem attractive in any way.

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