Any very very attractive women out there who can help me out with approaching?

I'm the type of guy who is very physically attractive.
I'm a very handsome guy and I only get very beautiful women interested in me.

My problem is I have lost my voice.
I can't' speak. A.t.m.

The woman can tell I like them and they like me because we are of similar attractiveness. But I can't speak.

Am I able to write a small note with my phone number and my name?

What should I do?


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  • Like, you literally lost your voice? How soon will you have it back?
    I guess it could be cute and different to give a girl a little short note, telling her youve lost your voice temporarily but that you find her very beautiful and that youd love to take her out sometime, and leave your number. I would find it cute, personally. Body language would be very important in this instance. Body language would be very important in this instance, and make sure you smile and act confident.


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  • Try to talk to her like she's your best friend, you are always the best of yourself when you're having a conversation with them, so just pretend she's your best friend! Also if you freeze up and don’t really know what to talk about, consider using your surroundings to help you find a subject to talk about. Also, woman like to talk about themselves. Ask open ended questions, where the answer can’t be just a simple yes or a no.

  • Lol I have actually seen this experiment before on YouTube.
    Just go to YouTube and find the Getting Girls
    It's really funny, hope that helps! Phone Numbers Without Talking video by the channel Whatever.
    It's really funny. I hope that helps!

  • stop being full of yourself…that's what you should do


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