Those muscle T shirts, Hot or not for summers?

So summers will be coming soon, and I know last years clothes won't fit in because I have gained like 25 pounds already and was thinking of investing in those muscle fit t shirts?

Do you think they are hot or not?
If you dont know what it is, Kinda same like what Johnny bravo used to wear all time lol
Ok I said t shirts are like one of those johny bravo ones, Guy wearing it doesn't have to be like him:-p


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  • Nooooo no no nope. Johnny Bravo screams, "douche" and guys with those t shirts look douchey lol


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  • Lol if you're trying to attract guys they will be good.

    • Aha. That would be trouble since I live in frat house and most of brothers here is suspicious. Lol

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