My acne is horrible but I have some problem areas.?

So my acne has never been super horrible (thank goodness). But i have noticed that my chin area is always kinda spotty. Any suggestions on how to clear this up?


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  • If you have insurance, go to the dermatologist. They will look at your face and give you prescription strength acne medicine that is for your specific skin type. None of the store bought spot treatments work, like i said, a prescription is much higher quality and will treat and prevent. Best money you will ever spend is going to that doctors visit.
    Also, i started doing this and it worked MIRACLES for me.

    *Wash with a daily exfoliating scrub, i use the Loreal go 360 clean.

    *Then use a toner, i use the clean and clear salicylic acid toner.

    *Then last moisturize, and i use the clean and clear salicylic acid moisturizer.

    Anyway, i have struggled with mild acne my whole life, and nothing i have ever tried has worked until i started using these three things combined every night, now my face has been flawless. So i would give it a try :)


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  • Lemon and honey. I know it sounds weird but it really works. Take some honey put it on a lemon wedge and wip around your face paying special attention to problem areas. If you have the pinterest app look up skin care therr are lots of home remedies.

  • I find the Clean & Clear deep action exfoliating scrub really useful. It always clears up my face in a few uses.


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