What exactly is a scene queen?

Couple of m friends were talking about a girl who is appar a scene queen, when i asked them they just showed me a pic of a girl with pastel pink hair and black coontails, winged eyeliner, baby pink lipstick and a black and hot pink vest top and said most girls who look like her are scene queens but the girl had her hair/makeup/clothes like i want when im no longer under parental watch so what exactly is a scene queen and is it just about the fashion and style that makes them one?
many thanks xx


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  • Uhm, a scene queen is a sort of fashion statement and personality which falls under the emo/goth variety. It doesn't usually involve that much pink, though. Generally more like dark clothes, thick black eyeliner, colorful, teased hair, and just overall a doll-like adorableness. You're a scene queen if you're a "queen" of this personality, it doesn't really matter if you're a boy or a girl. You pretty much HAVE to be adorable to qualify as a scene queen. Generally, lots of peircings, too. It's not something you have to TRY to be, it's something you just are. It's music tastes and attitude and preferences, not just a fashion statement.


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  • A trend that (should have) died out with the MySpace craze lol. It's the people that look like what you saw, that were big on social media (MySpace) and the music "scene"...yet most didn't go for the right reasons. It was a weird fad.


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