I need some advice on how to get my hair cut?

I want a haircut that is best for parting my hair from the left. I was thinking that I want the sides shorter than the top, but still kind of long. How do I communicate with my barber about this? What would be the correct terminology to use when describing how I want it?


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  • Just explain it exactly like you told us on here. Say, "I want my hair parted from the left (showing her where to start the part), and I want it to be *this* long on the top, but slightly shorter on the sides". It sounds to me like you're wanting a less extreme version of the military style "high and tight" marine cut.


    ^Does that look something like what you're describing? I envisioned something like this, but with the hair longer all around, and flowing toward the left slightly. I like this style of cut, it's very handsome in my opinion.

    • Yes, like that but much, much less extreme. Haha, I guess I'll just have to wing it with the description.

    • Then that's all you need to tell her! Just make sure you stress the fact that you want minimal hair to be taken off -- that way she knows to start with the biggest clipper/trimmer size first.

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  • google pics. look through pics in magazines.
    Maybe go to a salon. Maybe more $ but they went to collage to get that job anyone can open a barber shop.

    • I actually have a stylist in a solon, I have the appointment set to Wednesday. I just need to know how to communicate with her. She did my last 5 haircuts and my only directions where, "I want it about 1 1/2 inches." However, I am going to the graduation party of a distant friends who I haven't seen in 4 years, so I would like to look my absolute best.

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    • No, I'm sorry. I was having a rough day. I had no right to get snappy like that. Yes though, I have tried looking through google images and found nothing that is representative of what I want. I did find an article telling about terminology just a few hours ago, though. Once again, sorry.

    • No thats fine. hope your days get better

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  • Get a fade 5 to 1

  • Whatever you do, don't move to North Korea. Now they all have to have the same haircuts as Kim Jong Dumb.


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