Question for the girls, only they would know what i'm talking about?

Do any of you have big boobs, and have the issue where they aren't saggy yet they aren't full at the top? Like, when i try to push them up, they dont push up, they push in? It's almost like when i try to push them up, instead up sliding up on the chest, they flip up, and go inwards. Imagine putting a tennis ball in a tube sock, then fold the sock in half, so now that bottom of the sock with the tennis ball is touching the opening of the sock. Yeah thats what happen to my boobs. Its almost like they aren't attached to the chest wall. Anyone else kinda know what im talking about and have something like this?


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  • I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean when you push them up with your hands, or in bras/clothes?

    If I push mine up with my hands, then they kinda take the shape of my hand. If I'm wearing clothes that push them up, they end up looking like this hahaha


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  • No. I'm a D but that doesn't happen to me. Sorry hun, no idea


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