Can eye contact be creepy?

There's this really cute guy in my Driver Ed's class. I don't have the guts to walk up to him and start a conversation yet (especially when his friends are around).

So I was planning on maintaining eye contact and smiling a lot. I don't mean dead on staring. But he's just so adorable that I can't seem to stop glancing at him.

Would it creep you out if this girl you never talked to kept looking at you? I really can't figure out the right approach.


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  • Nope, it is fine to stare at him, he may get embarrised if you wave at him though. You are probably also making the correct decision regarding not approaching him in front of his friends. Still, since drivers Ed courses are quite short it might be ok to take the risk and approach him while he is with other people, it should not embarrise him that much. I hope it will not humiliate you either.


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  • eye contact is fine as long as it's not super supper intense