a guy I like & my friend told me other friend that I was a 7 out of 10.

but then he said that the girl he likes is 10 out of 10. should I take this as a complement or no?


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  • well every guys scale of 1-10 is different so don't take it seriously

    but for most guys they can't be objective with a girl they like and they will always be a 10 to them


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  • Liking someone blinds you some. The 10 of 10 could have just been an expression of his interest in her.

    I wouldn't take it seriously if I were in your position. Actually, the rating system can never really be taken as an ultimate truth. What's good for one person isn't always good for another.

    • Theres more to rating then just looks when it comes to someone you are really into. its WHO she is that turns it up to 10/10

    • Yes. Just ask anyone if they think their family members are ugly... I doubt many people would. Because they know and appreciate them as people. Other factors besides asthetics are influencing their opinions.

    • I'd like to add that I've only seen a handful of 10s in my life... what do I consider a 10? A woman that makes me to an actual double-take and I find my mouth is slacked open after staring... that's a 10 (visual 10 anyways). Also worth mentioning is the fact not everyone I pointed those women out to agreed with me.

      It's all preference at the end of the day.

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