Prom tux to match my dress? (too short)?

I couldn't find any other picture of my dress in blue
So, for prom my bf wants to wear a black shirt, blue vest and silver tie. I told him that looks ugly so I was thinking just a blue vest and blue bow tie. I need other ideas guys, what looks good?
I'm wearing silver heels and a silver clutch. He says a blue with black but my dress doesn't have black, but he says he'll be wearing black


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  • when i went to prom, i said i wanted to go in white but i decided against it. i wound up going in red since she wore red and its my favorite color (it was a red vest/tie with a normal black tux. my friends wore an off white, and blue vest. so we looked like the flag, the three of us

    • for you, id recommend just doing what one of my friends did. go with the normal black tux, and get a light blue vest. it'll look good

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  • He should wear a black tuxedo with a white shirt with turn down collar and a black now tie he actually tied. And black cummerbund pleats up.

    This will make him look more like a man and less like your accessory. I suspect that will look better.

  • Black suit, blue tie, blue pocket tissue and white shirt. Classic and timeless.

  • Eh I don't even have a picture of his suit?


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