He wants to know if I'm ok wearing something of his?

Recently, I thought I was wearing the mask of someone else in the school play instead of my own. I quietly shrieked "Ew!" at the thought backstage. Then the director (who is 3-5 years older than me) advised it was his. I kind of calmed down and replied, "Oh." Then he got a smidge bit excited, smiled, and said, "Oh, so you're ok with that?"


Is that kind of like when guys like seeing you wear their T-shirt, or try to give you things? Like aids, chlamydia, and other STDs - because they like you?

(Just kidding about that last question.)


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  • My first impression is that he shares your opinion of the mask and finds it funny you don't want it

    It's a stretch to think his immediate smile was over the fact that yo both shared something physical in common but certainly later this came to mind.


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  • It meant that he thinks, that YOU think, he's not in the same general league as strangers (who would be icky).

    • This made me chuckle. :)

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