Is it weird for a wife with 2 kids to have intim jewelry?

I was 25 when i got it. Now i think its kinda weird and awkward . My husband likes it, I don't. It doesn bother me , only a little ring, but just to know i have something on my body...just the fact. ?
If i decide to take it out: How can I remove a small captive ring without any special tool?


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  • well first of all no one sees it, except the two of you :) if it bothers you remove it. personally i don't have anything against it if a person is fine with it. i'm open minded, but some conservative people might find even a discreet tattoo distasteful, not to talk about intimate piercings :)

    • Thank you. Maybe i need to get rid of it eventually.

    • Im asking it because im confused. One minute i can not stand it the other munute i like it

    • fortunately it's a piercing not a tattoo. i'm not expert on the subject but i guess you can remove it and put it back again after a short time if you're not satisfied. i understand you, i can be pretty indecisive myself :)

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