Does anyone find this a ironic contradiction about society?

So I was watching this video called "Shit People Say to Lolitas" What a Lolita is if you do not know. It is a parody of stuff that people actually say to them. One of the comments by one of the commenters was "God I would start smacking people. XD It's okay to ask questions if you don't understand something but some of these things are flat out rude. But yet dressing like a stripper at 16 is perfectly normal. Ahh, society." I know "stripper" is a bit extreme describing how a lot of girls dress nowadays but still I find this comment to be really true. Thoughts?


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  • oh yes=/ unfortunately. one of the reasons I'm embarrassed to be a woman in this generation. i have to be part of the enormous generalisation that we dress like sluts, essentially.
    there's just no class anymore. no modesty. a woman seems to feel more beautiful when she is wearing close to nothing, and the eyes of many men have learned to adjust to this.
    a woman whose skin is covered can wipe the effin floor with girls who dress provocatively. its all about her CHOICE to do so. this is probably the only insecurity many women have that actually involves the act of revealing, rather than covering up.

    • I agree on the choice part. Regardless of the media and social pressures at the end of the day you decide how you dress. Like in class last week this one girl was wearing shorts and I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks. I could not see how they could be comfortable to wear out in public.

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    • yeh, its sad=/

    • thank u=] x

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  • I agree with you completely.

    And I've also heard it from a guy, how it's outrageous that young women (who are too young to be responsible of their actions) wear pretty much next to nothing. This is one of the r

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    • Dammit sent too quickly.

      ...reasons I don't like summer. Just because it's warm everybody now has an excuse to wear indecent clothing? It's really outrageous that now anything is cobsidered acceptable outside atzire as long as your nipples and pubic are aren't showing. Even buttcheeks aren't a private thing anymore. God, awful.

      I think that just because you got it, doesn't mean you have to flaunt it. And if you choose to flaunt it, don't yell bloody murder if people call you names and creepy men stare at you. You'te asking for it.

      I still think that decency And ladylike attire (instead of stripperlike) goes a long way.

      You'll never get a decent guy with good personality if you parade your junk to everyone anyway.

  • Yes. There has been a gradual decline in society's moral standards. So gradual that, although people notice it, many accept the decline and even support it by saying things like "It's 2014", as if that is a good excuse for the moral slippage in society. Dressing raunchy and having many casual sex partners is the norm now and people think that you are weird or close-minded for not agreeing with these things.

    Now if you don't agree with women wearing booty shorts or crop tops or bikinis that show even more than bra and underwear, some people say that you must be ashamed of your body and that the human body is nothing to hide. That seems like one big contradiction to me. I am not ashamed of my body nor do I think that the human body is something to be ashamed of, rather, I have high respect for my body and the human body in general and I don't think that it should be put on display for everyone around you to see. When I put on clothes, people should not be able to almost completely be able to tell what I'd look like naked. I don't wear clothes that squeeze me so tight you can see the full outline of my body or shorts that allow you to see my butt cheeks because I respect myself way too much to dress like that.

    Because of the decline in moral standards, many teenagers think that things like that are okay. Can you really blame them? In the media, everywhere you look is something suggestive. At award shows women wear dresses with necklines that nearly plunge down to their belly button. Teenagers see other teenagers wearing revealing things. If you don't have anyone to guide you or raise you with high moral standards then naturally your standards are going to fit right along with the rest of the world's.

  • I am not suggesting people should be rude, but regarding the last bit, no i don't find it odd.

    Young women trying to look like sexually mature women they are just becoming is in many ways less odd then young sexually mature women trying to look like sexually immature but pretty girls. Perhaps for women involved it has nothing to do with it, but to outsiders it suggests 'sexy to pedos' which is more disturbing then 'hot stripper sexy'. Even the name of the scene is a reference to a book about an adult man who is only attracted to underage girls.

    I'm not trying to say that's why people are in the scene or that its wrong, but I am pointing out why dressing like a stripper may bother people less.

    • Yeah, I could see how people would think that if they just knew about that book but not the fashion and assumed they were similar on some level because of the name.

    • From the outside it seems fetishy. There's a tremendous difference between a teen who still dresses like a kid, and a teen who spends tremendous amounts of effort to look like a doll or some theoretical idea of a beautiful circa 1900 girl.

  • There is a time in all of our lives where we move from being cool and hip and turn into an old fart who doesn't understand 'kids these days'. I have apparently hit that tipping point in my life.

    But to answer your question, yes - it's silly for girls to dress like this and then turn around and take offense that people might have a negative reaction to it.

  • It's funny because you reminded me of a dating profile I messaged that said not to message her with perverted messages yet all her photos were her barely dressing and showing off cleavage so I sarcastically messaged her about it and she angrily replied saying she can dress however she wants and called me a "fuckface." Pointing out ironies is funny.

    But yea, some of these girls barely dress at all and it's very horrible parenting in my opinion. Yet if you say anything about it, you're somehow the pervert.

  • The decline of our society I am afraid will get worse before it destroys it self.

    I consider my self generally conservative though I don't mind some flash now and then form women :) if he's single and shows it off doesn't bother me if she's attached little more conservative. As far as I am concerned everyone pretty much has the same equipment.
    Now if we want to talk about the real down fall of our culture it isn't about what is shown but rather about our cultures changing what is acceptable in personality's, attitudes or moral and lack of respect (what ever you consider it) the younger the generation it seems the less values they have look at our marriages other cultures consider marriage a life long commitment not here we view them more as a short term lease it makes some ask why even bother with marriage.


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