Girls - Baby scent?

I was told that girls naturally are more attracted to men that have some kind of baby scent on them. ie - lotion, shampoo, detergent etc.

Is this true? I may have even read it on this site...but cannot remember


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  • haha, that's cute. I actually read that in some magazine once! Baby scent does smell nice, and my boyfriend uses baby soap and shampoo every day (because it gets rid of face & body acne better than anything els), and yes I LOVE the way it smells. But I think chocolate is an even better scent. Women LOVE chocolate, and it is a proven aphrodisiac! I don't normally like tag or axe body sprays, but axe has this one kind, called "Dark Chocolate", and OMG I love it! I spray it on my sheets, so I can smell it all night when he is not home :) also, abercrombie and fitch has some nice cologne that has a chocolate-like smell to them! haha, hope this helps? lol.

    • Thanks.

      I have Adiddas Cologne....i don't really know if that's any good though.

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  • I can go to baby showers and smell the candles with a baby powder scent from across the room, but if a guy has ever worn a scent like that around me, I've never noticed. Cologne, on the other hand, I definitely notice.

  • Baby scent is gorge! I'm attracted to men that smell nice-i don't care what the smell is aslong as it's nice.


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