How should I go about this? Plastic surgeon...?

Alright so I want to go to a plastic surgery office and see what I should get done facially. I want to know what I can approve on? How should I go about this? Like when making an appointment r whatever


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  • Don't let someone else decide what YOU should do with your face. If they suggest something random, like a nose job when you already have a good nose, then that's a waste of money, it hurts, you let them "rebuild" your face when it's not even needed, ... Why would you want that?
    If there is something you really can't live with (or without) then you could consider surgery. But if you're fine, why hurt yourself?

    I just read in a comment that you already had a nose job. I was just giving an example :-)

    • Yeah that's true

    • If you're happy or content with your face, don't do it. If you notice some flaws, try to cover them or enhance good features with make up. Make up is more fun and less painful ^^

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  • Honestly, you shouldn't let them tell you what they think you need. You should only do something like this for yourself, what you feel you want.

    At the end of the day they just want your money!

  • Just call them and ask about the process.

    • Yeah I already had a nose job. The results were great. I do get a lot more attention, but I want to know what else I should do lol

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    • Yeah she's pretty

    • She's a 10/10.

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  • Make an app for a consultation and they will tell you the process and tell you what they can do to help. You just have to know at least what feature you would like to improve on though.


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