Curvy, straight hair, brown eyes.. Not enough?

Okay, so I'm 13 years old, I know don't say I'm too young I'm just wondering. So I weigh 120 pounds, I have straight black hair that goes to my belly button. I have hazel eyes and I'm really curvy. Like I have a tiny waist and hips and a butt and boobs.. Would guys be interested in me? Like making out and stuff. I've had boyfriends but i never ask them things like this. I get insecure when guys do Look at me because I'm already developed, and guys stare. So yeah, am
I okay for age 13 going 14 in a week. would you ever date me if you were my age?


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  • You're so young. Seriously, don't waste this time of your life obsessing about guys. You'll have your entire life for it, trust me. You're at the age where you don't have to work, you don't have to pay bills, where you see your friends most days of the week and you don't have to make important decisions on your own. In a few years, this is all going to change, like you can't imagine.

    To answer your question, if guys stare it's because they find you attractive. If you've had 'boyfriends', it's because they wanted to screw you. There is nothing wrong with the way you look and no doubt you'll have a lot of guys trying to jump in bed with you.

    But remember acting like an adult (dating, sex) has adult consequences (pregnancy, STDS) that can change your life drastically. Do you want to be pregnant at 15? Do you want to have to lose the rest of your teenage years to a screaming baby? Do you want to lose your chance to professionally advance higher than a check out girl because college wasn't an option? Because very few teenage mothers ever advance beyond a menial job.

  • We can't say without a pic


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