What do "full lips" look like? (links very welcome)?

For the life of me, I can't figure out why so many men find Angelina Jolie hot because of her lips and so many women want to have her lips. I think her lips look terrible. They're too pouts, she looks like she's constantly pulling the duckface. And the shape of her lips is also not so nice to look at. They look chapped and terrible lissarankin.com/.../angelina-jolie.jpg

On the other hand, Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johannson have nicer-looking lips that are not "in your face". www.joearmory.com/images/products/detail/34852.jpg
Their lips don't look like duck bills.

GAG, what do "full lips", lips that are fun to kiss, look like to you?


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  • ScarJo for the WIN. And I totally agree with you about Angelina Jolie.


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  • Pouty and thick lips. Guys think its sexy. Lol

    • I know that. But I don't underatand what's so great about Angelina Jolie's

    • Well, it's full and very sexy

  • I think Angelina Jolie has nice lips and that Kate winslet has an odd shaped mouth

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