the contraceptive pill has anyone ever not had any breast growth on it?

I recently started the pill I've gained a couple of pounds and i find that im hungrier than usual but i am yet to see any growth in the breast area.
I know there was no guarantee it would work but yes it was the main reason i started the pill i barely fill some of my bra's and noone who isn't a size A would ever understand how that feels.
Yes i have push up bras but i want to feel comfortable naked and life is just better with boobs we see them everywhere but its never the a cups we see on seductive posters is it?
anyways im getting off topic has anyone ever took the contraceptive pill and it didn't make their breasts grow and if so what type was it?


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  • My body stayed normal in the weight and proportion department. I didn't gain nor lose weight in any areas. I tried a couple of them and to be honest, none of them had an influence on my bodyshape and size... I had third generation pills, second generation pills, ... didn't change a bit.

    • what size of cup do you have?

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    • the same i was hoping you were just oober skinny and cudnt put on weight, i quess are only option is surgery. I dont even have a small waist so i dont suit what I've got :(

    • I think they fit the frame, yes, ofcourse I'd want them a bit bigger, but it's kinda in proportion... But I also have my bad days and wish they were a bit bigger :)

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  • The pill didn't change my weight or breast size at all.

  • nope mine didn't get bigger.

    • if you're very thin, allowing yourself to gain some more weight might help. That's what I'm trying to do right now

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