Are these wearable or is there a way to make them wearable?

My sweet, sweet grandmother knitted these for me when I was 19. I don't know how to wear them though, I don't know how to make them look good. I've only worn the black one once, and the blue one never. I feel bad for my grandmother, because she spent months, maybe even one or 2 years working on them.

Is there a way to make them work?

Here's the black one:

And here's the blue one:
I need more opinions you guys...


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  • I would wear the shit out of those.I don't know if it's in your personal style but I would pair them with a hippy style skirt, a tank top, and either low top converse or a pair of simple sandals (flip flops or gladiators).
    what I mean by a hippy skirt

    • sounds great! Thanks for the idea =)

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  • I am not current with such fashion, but it is obvious that she poured a lot of love into them. You owe her seeing you wearing them on occasion, even if it is only when you visit her. Please make the effort to do so when you see her, even if you feel it appears strange to others. But not all the time so it does not look like you are just doing it to show her.

    • Unfortunately, I live really far away from her, and only get to see her once in 2 years, sometimes even longer. I want to wear them in my daily life too because, as you said, she made it with love.

    • Be sure to include them in some of the pictures you send her.

    • good idea. thanks.

What Girls Said 1

  • I sorry to say but not, they aren't in my opinion. I think you should show your gratitude though somehow, or wear them when your visit her, then take it off once you leave


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