Guys and Gurls, what u think about eyelid surgery?

I've always found it super nasty when they had like double or triple eyelids that looks so horrible but now I herd you can do it without surgery, would you do it can I recommend it to my gurlfriend what is better?

This is what I saw v=7myHS2rZMcg
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Really? Don't you have other superficial little things you can pick on from your gf?

    • Hey u dont have toi look her in the face all the time you dont even know how annoying it is

    • how about break up with her. She deserves to be with a guy who wouldn't tell her to go under the knife for something so superficial.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Surgery should be done for the sole purpose of his/her desire alone- let alone if needed (e.g. damage from accident, sickness). Let your girlfriend decide for herself. It looks like you're encouraging her by even reccomending her this process or another. You should love her, regardless.

  • Do you have mono eyelids? You should not pick at such a small aspect of her like that, telling her that will only hurt her. In some regions like Asia double eyelids are seen as the slandered of beauty. Girls will have surgery to get them or use special tap to give them the appearance of double eyelids.


What Guys Said 2

  • You're a brave man to tell the world that you think your girlfriends eyelids are ugly. Have you told her yet that it's time to go under the knife?

  • Where is the option for you're a selfish prick?


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