Which colors and styles of clothes would flatter my build and complexion best?

I am 6'2", with a powerful but heavy build and round face. I am wide shouldered, barrel chested, with big biceps, but a some visible and protruding flab around the gut

I have a full head of slightly wavy greying, strawberry-blond hair, blue-grey eyes, and a pale to ruddy complexion. That is my face is ruddy, but the rest of my body is very pale like a lot of English people.

Which colours would work best for me? Navy blue is my favourite, although I like black too. Also, considering my body shape, what kind of clothes should I add to my wardrobe and which ones should I stay clear from? What are some types of clothing which drape well on a tall large man, without making him look fat and uncomfortable? Which colours should I avoid as well? I am interested in both formal (suits, blazers, etc.) and casual styles of clothing, and how they look on a large, fair complected man in the beginning years of middle-age.


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  • You stated you enjoy both formal and informal types of styles, there is a method where you can combine both, without looking too casual but at the same time very smart.

    I think designer/formal jeans can make a tall, big guy look very smart, yet casual at the same time, also many types of these jeans are in quite dark shades of Navy and Black. Jeans like this with neutral coloured shirts (As you appear to like black) Black and/or Grey, Dark shirts, with or without patterns on look very nice, stylish and also casual. (The trick here is to get smart looking jeans) and a very tidy well-ironed shirt - with the top few buttons or couple of buttons; unbuttoned, then you have got it.

    My fiancé is a young guy, around the same age as I am, but he is very big and tall like you are. He is 6'4 in height, he is also caucasian, a typical Belgian guy. He wears what I have described above and he looks very smart all the time, yet casual too. He has easily pulled-off striking appearance tricks at job interviews and even formal dinners with this dress code. Simple, sexy, stylish and casual, also light and comfortable during the summer time. It's simple and never really fails to look good ;-)

    Aim for neutral colours, for example if you wear black jeans, wear a white or grey/patterned shirt. Navy looks nice with black as with any colour. Balance patterns with plain clothing so it doesn't look too much and over the top. Only wear a patterned shirt if the rest of your attire is very plain, and vice versa.

    Hope I have helped

    All the Best x


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