How can I look/act/dress like a cute/sexy geek?

I know the title has a lot of slashes in it, but I want to look/act/dress like a cute/sexy geek, sort of in the style of such television characters as:

David Tennant on Doctor Who

Ned from Pushing Daisies

Chuck from Chuck

and others that you could think of. I would really appreciate any tips, and you would become 10 times as awesome as you already are if you helped me. I don't know how, probably through good karma or something. But still, you'd be awesome. Thanks!


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  • okay, well..basically, dress like a geek.. yet a little more messy

    basic pieces:

    -wayfarer readers (clear wayfarers)

    -regular wayfarer sunglasses

    -v necks / crew necks (preferable gray or white--black is too serious/cool guy)

    -button up shirts

    - relatively BAGGY/BIG polos like.. medium.. not fitted not overtly baggy, just right. Because fitted is more abercrombie-prepster and baggy is sometimes slob-ish

    -button up shirts- again.. white or gray, navy blue, light blue,

    -straight legged jeans (dark wash please!)

    tie<-- on occasion

    okay. what I think is adorable is a good messy-but not too messy look, like leaving a slight stubble or shadow, ad not tucking in shirts, leaving shirts foldy and not pulled and neat.

    Try not to look really, really neat. Leave room for some cute messynes-- its sexy too

    both spiked up hair and bangs work with this. try zac efrons (sorry, only one I can think of rigt now) recent, short hair, slightly spied hair NOTthe high school musical look

    act- well.. keep a balance between smooth and cute--do some nice, clever things, but laugh when you make a silly mistake. Be insightful and intelligent, but don't overload on fun-facts.. say them when they're relevant.. that's cute and geeky. but then again don't overly do it.


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  • Honest opinion: Ned from Pushing Daisies looks hot in a suit. The sexiest geeks are the ones who LOOK sexy (black fitted shirt, fitted jeans *not too tight*, messy hair) but act nerdy because they don't really know how to talk to girls. Hope this opinion was fresh and brought about a new aspect to the look you are going for.

  • well I believe you might be the person I discussed nerdy chic with on another thread :-P

    try to wear fitted clothes, especially t-shirts. they accentuate your skinniness and that helps the nerdy part of nerdy chic. in the fall and winter, layer polos or button down shirts with ties under sweaters. dark wash or black jeans, never baggy! wear trendy shoes (Sketcher-esque), not tennis shoes. I hope this helps!

    • Haha, damn, you caught me ;) Thanks!

  • IF You WATtch the reachel zoe project you will see brad, that has SUCH a fab and glamourous geeky chic style

    he usually uses skinny jeans, boots (the small ones), scottish shirts and waiscoats, with wayfarer reading glasses obviously, and ties

  • try polos, sweaters, good-fitting pants ( but not that tight)

    and for shoes maybe sperrys or wallabees?

  • David Tennant is sooo HOT! I love his personality, his hair, his shoes, his ass! XD


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  • Sorry dude, can't help you, but am answering you just the same, because I just asked 3 girls now about your question. Thier answer is "David Tennant" is just plain sexy even when he's looking like a geek It's not the clothes that makes the man apparently.