For girls only please?

I have some female friends and I was wondering what are the things they look for when they come for help when they have a problem or concern ?

Can you be specific and give me a list of examples ?


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  • it depends on what the issue is...but we want your honest opinion...unless she asks if she's fat, then say she's gorgeous always, even if she gained 400lb =)

    • When I meant their problem I meant something like emotion one such as dealing with their ex-boyfriends, when they feel lost, upset because of their friends or want to change the direction of their life, like getting a new job or changing major at University

    • I like it when my guy friends give it to me straight, if they think I'm in the wrong, they tell me. they don't fabricate nice realities for me. when it comes to boyfriends, you need to say things from a guy's perspective, you're take on things can be helpful. when it comes to majors and jobs, just talk. but if she's crying about something, you need to be comforting, give her a hug.

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