Guys, is he flirting or just being a jerk?

I went out with a guy and had a really good time... ended the date with a really sweet kiss. Since then he's been out of town and I haven't talked to him in a week until this past weekend.

I mentioned in conversation that I accidentally killed the roses in my room and he asked me if they were from a guy. I told him no, I keep plants in my room :) Then he told me I got ripped off.

Then a few days later I asked him to come to a party and he blew me off because he said he had to do work. The next day he asked me if I met any hotties at the party.

Guys... what's your opinion on what this all about?

Thanks guys! PS you were right.


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  • I can honestly say that he doesn't sound very interested. Most guys don't flirt like that. If he was into you he wouldn't have blown you off like it was nothing. He would have said something like, I really wish I could, or I'll try to get off work or something. If he's making no effort to set up a date at all and asking if you met hotties, that's not a good sign. If he hasn't even tried to contact you in the past week that's also not good. The not calling back phase usually lasts about a few days. When guys do that, they try to make the girl call them first. If he goes away for a week right after your date, he should be calling early. It sounds like this guy really is a jerk and giving you second-rate treatment.


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  • You're welcome. I'm glad I could help. I'd hate to imagine what this guy would do to you if you took a chance with him.

  • he is just flirting and being least I would be

  • killerrMike is right...enough said


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