Should I get my long hair cut?

my hair is past the middle of my back. I love having my hair long but I get bad split ends. does shorter hair look good? also does anyone have any pictures of long hair so I have ideas of how to cut my hair?


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  • I had hair down to my butt last may. I chopped it all off up to my chin. I HATE it. If I could go back I wouldn't do it. It looks really cute but I prefer the long much more. And the worst part is my hair takes FOREVER to grow. It'll be at least five years before it's that long again :( Plus when it is long you can just leave it straight. When it's short it HAS to be styled. And I miss pulling it up so much! During softball when it's all in my face and a pain in the ass I just want to cry. And I look at my sisters hair and it honestly gives me butterflies because I want it so bad.

    Yeah, I am obsessed. Ha ha. But I so wish I would have never cut it.

    • Dang that sucks. you could always go for extensions until it grows back. I always miss my hair when I get it cut

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    • Thanks ! :D

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  • i was thinking of doing that actually. I also have long hair, like very long hair. well, the trends mostly for the 2009 year are medium length. I looked at gwenyth paltrow's new hair style and I also like the bangs that emily deaver had-i wouldn't go as short as emily deaver's hair style (it's like almost a boy cut but I like the side swept bangs) and if you're afraid, try a medium lenght hair style with layers. that's what I'm aiming for anyways.

  • Well, its really all up too you. Guys usually prefer longer hair on girls better. But if your going to get your hair cut short this is a very nice hair cut, link

    hope you like it

    • Thanks, whos that actress? she looks familiar

    • Hahhaaa (: honestly, I'm not really suree , I just liked the hair (:

  • I had really long black hair and I bleached it all blonde 7 times then it felt really dead so I got it cut very very short. I think some girls look better with short hairs and some girls look better with long hair. it all depends