What attracts guys most?

What personality do you look for the most? Shy, outgoing etc? What do you like to hear most during conversations? Basically anything you have to say will help lol :)


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  • I don't know if I'm weird or anything, but I adore a great personality above all else.

    So this is what I like to see in a girl's personality.

    I am not sure if this is what you would consider a personality trait, but this is what I like. I like it when a girl doesn't have to fret about her makeup every five minutes. I like a girl that can do some guy things, like get muddy, or wet from the rain, and not be freaked out by it.

    Yeah, I guess you could say that I like the Tomboys.

    But there are many other traits that I prefer more than the tomboyish traits.

    I love a girl that have the determination, and mindset to learn. It seems that today's youth could care less about education, but to me it shows dedication, and a clear view of where she is going. This to me shows she knows what she wants, which is what I like.

    I also like a girl that likes music because I love music. And no, rap isn't music, so if she likes rap, its kind of a let down for me.

    And of course a happy outlook, smiling, and laughing girl is always attractive.

    Another trait I like, but yet again, am not sure if you would consider it a personality trait, is how the girl dresses. It seems that girls think they have to dress like whores to impress the guys, or to get attention. Yes you get attention, but for all the wrong reasons, and from all the wrong guys. I'm not saying you can't wear something flirty that shows some skin, but I don't want to see a breast hanging out, or really short shorts. Something casual, or classy.

    This to me shows me that she doesn't let others make up her mind. She does what she wants, she doesn't conform to what is "in" says is attractive. And it also shows that she has self worth, she has respect for her body.

    So these are my views on personality traits in the opposite sex.


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  • A cute and pretty face always gets me.

  • I really like when a girl thinks that a lot of what I say is funny, lol.

  • I can tell you that guys like me love to have similarities you can talk about. Outgoing girls with confidence is a big YES!. There is nothing better than a girl that knows who she is and what she wants.


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