What is beauty to you?

Girls and guys, what is beauty to you?

There are many 'sayings' about beauty. Things like 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder', 'beauty is in the eye of the beer holder', 'beauty is only skin deep', 'why are cosmetics so popular' and 'beauty comes from within'.

What does beauty mean to you? I'm interested to see what the different sexes think about this question, and how they act as a result of their answer.


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  • I think beauty is the persons soul. If a person cares enough about the human race and themselves. If a stranger needed food and you had it, would you give him half? If a stranger needed his tire changed in the rain? Would you help? If a baby needed your blood would you donate it? Its the persons soul and how they treat others. I mean that.

  • Beauty is in the broken. I don't care for perfectly sculpted abs and flawless skin (although, it's a plus). I care for beauty that radiates from the innermost depths of your soul. All people are beautifully crafted by a perfect Creator, and although all people ultimately have many flaws, beauty is in the perseverance and character and integrity exemplified by the ones who choose to battle such imperfection. I don't know. Maybe grace finds beauty.

    I've deviated from your question. I'm normally a quiet girl, but when an issue I am passionate about arises, I can fill pages. I'll spare you the eye strain and stop there :)


    His grace is sufficient

    • Hehe, don't worry, I'm the same. And I agree. It goes far beyond what you look like. At the heart of it is the fact that if looks are all that's important to someone, the chances are they don't understand beauty. It's a pity as that's where I look when I see a person. Sure, looks do mean quite a bit, but by comparison to WHO the person is inside? It's insignificant. Thanks for the answer.

      As to the last line there - it really is. I need all that I can get.

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