How can I go from cute to hot?

I am already cute, but I wanna be HOT! What can I do?


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  • First decide if you really want to go to "hot". It attracts a different kind of men and attention.

    Most good, confident, all-around well-put-together men are crazy about cute girls and avoid hot girls. I think the ideal is to be cute, but show "hints" at being able to be hot.

    So how do you become more hot without coming across as a bimbo? Simple:

    - Keep your style and fashion about the same, just add a *little* element of hot here and there, so don't go full out bimbo, just add an element here and there. Like there are some girls who dress pretty artsy/cute/not-try-hard, yet, they have very tight pants that show off their curves... But it almost seems like its an accident. Like they weren't trying to come across as hot, since most of their clothes are anything but.

    - Insert a "hot flare" onto your personality (this is the more important part!)

    **The secret exercise**

    Here's how to throw off a "hot vibe". I know it looks weird and new-agey, but it actually works! We all know girls who, whenever they pass by, for some reason all guys' eyes are on them, even though this girl looks and dressed pretty casual. Yet there's just "something" about her.

    It's her "vibe", something she puts off through her body-language.

    Right now, start saying, in your head, something like "You are the hottest, most exquisitely special little thing, yes you are"... And feel it in your body. Try different variations of something like this, until you can feel your body shifting. You will feel different. Once you do, go in front of a mirror, and see what happened, how is your body-language different? How is your facial expression different? Practice a few more of these lines, and try out a few until you find one in the mirror that you like the best in what you "express".

    • Um. It says it's a guy. :P Good advice though haha.

    • Lol, ya, I automatically assumed its a girl, since mostly girls ask this question, lol.

      The advice its still the same.

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  • Dress well and improve your body language. This is really critical actually. It's more about how you present yourself that determines your "hotness". Learn to flirt well and practice.

  • i agree with mouseboi. body language is very important. hit the gym. walk like mike tyson. don't smile too often. don't dress/act like a boy band member.

    • Also we might be able to help you out even more if we had some idea as to what you looked like.

  • Is it that important to be so? Well, I would say the most important bit is how you feel inside. Be confident and live with a different attitude and it will show in your body language and style.

    Also some crazy ideas from a guy's fantasy island here ... link