is 16cm wide for a adult mans head?

my head always looks wide to me, i measured it at 16cm wide, is this wide?


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  • There is no way you are 16cm wide (diameter). You may be 16cm in girth (circumference) Is that what you mean? If it is, that is quite large. The average girth is prob about 11cm. The average length is about or 13cm. Or about 4.5 inches in girth and 5 inches in length.

    • ok i closed my head inbetween wardobe doors, took my head away and measured the gap left, by width i mean widest part of one side to the other

    • You must be talking about you head, as in the top one, right? I though you were asking about you mini head down lower. Which one? LOL

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  • You are funny.. and try googling it?

    • simple question, i have , some websites say the average is 17-18cm, some say its 6 inches, 15.50cm, there is a big diff

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