Second Tattoo on my wrist! Does it hurt?

I'm thinking of a few ideas of what kind of tattoo i want on my wrist. The one i have right now is on my upper right shoulder its a bow arrow because i am a Sagittarius. People say that all tattoos have a meaning! I like the birds a lot and i have this butterfly i chose it was the cover of a coldplay album there my fave band and I don't know it's just everyone judging it!


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  • You have to choose whats right for you and not care what others think. I have four stars on my wrist in a starburst effect made up of nothing but dots. It represents me and my three children. Do what makes you happy, lifes too short to please everyone else & if your not 100% on the design you want dont get it done until you are.


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  • Its your body, get what you like not what everyone else might like. Just remember it will be on your body forever unless you laser it off so really put some thought into it.

  • You should get it :)


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