What should I get for my next tatoo?

So for my next tattoo im thinking of doing something batman themed on my thigh. Either a riddler question mark filled with different scenes from the comics or the gotham city sirens encased in the batman symbol from 1992. I have already put a lot of thought into this and I already have tattoos so telling me jot to do it is not helpful.
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  • Tatoo's aren't going to make you look hotter or thin. They just make you look trashy. Skip the tatoo, get in the gym, that will be way more helpful

    • I actually am working on my physical fitness, so thank you for your concern. As for the other half of your comment, I'm not looking to be cool or hot. I value tattoos as art and have been a huge batman and comic book nerd my whole life, and I want that represented on myself.

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    • I already have four tattoos, and I love the way they look. I'm not really looking for people to tell me not to get more, because I've already decided that I'm getting more.

    • Your body but keep in mind you are going to have the world looking at you and assuming based on the tattoos. What you think and feel at 20 is not what you will think at 30. Tattoos of cartoons on a 35 or 45 year old woman is pretty stupid don't you think? Do you think your mom or grandma would look good with them? Guess what? They never go away. Thats the point. More than 50% of people with tattoos later in life wish they didn't have them.

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  • Oh I would get the Batman logo with neon colors It would be cool.


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  • The logo sounds better but they both sound awful to me.

    • Yeah, just plastering that on your thigh is just going to look super awkward and weird. I don't think leg tattoos look good. Get it somewhere that it flows with your body, it won't look just tacky. You could do either but do it some where better.

  • if you already have a tattoo that is one too many

    • I already have four and am overjiyed having them. Just another point no one asked you if you liked tattoos or not, so please kick rocks.

    • Overjoyed*

  • I hate tattoo's you got such an eye catching figure...I love Batman but it's better on screen than on you! Don't ruin it :(


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