What's the dress code you need to follow at work or school?

I'm not obliged to wear a suit or tie since I'm rarely in direct contact with customers or suppliers.
However, probably since my first student job was in a bank, it's become a habit to dress up.
Also interested to know if initiatives like "casual Friday " (when you don't need to dress up and pull over plus jeans will do the job).
Looking forward to a variety of answers!


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  • I work from home so I literally just wear a underwear and a blanket. In the past month I have only been into the office 3 times.

    • Haha, you didn't forget to put something on I hope :-)
      Must be relaxing, working in you underwear. No worries!

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    • Its after two o clock in the afternoon and I have yet to even consider getting dressed.

    • I gave you the most helpful answer. Your dress code was the most surprising. Imagine a cartoon showing a girl in her panty with a text box "look at me, dressed up for work". Enjoy and relax.
      Warm regards from Belgium :-)

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  • I am personal trainer and group exercise instructor so I am in gym clothes all day. I have no problem with that because most of the time I am comfy. The only thing that we are required to wear is black paints and in the summer we have to wear shorts that go down to our knee or longer. that's to avoid any sexual harassment.

  • Personally I would never work for a company that had casual Friday . Because that means I have to dress up the other days.

    I wear jeans to work, period. If I have to dress more than that then I won't work there. I literally don't own any long pants other than jeans (not any that fit anyway).

    By the way, I work (ed) in engineering. Some engineers dress in business casual but most wear jeans. The ones who wear business casual do it by choice, not company policy.

    As a consultant I've been in a lot of companies. It's been that way at all of them. Some are VERY casual. I've been in a couple of companies where employees wore shorts and sandals to work. At one place the head of the programming department wore yellow duckie slippers sometimes (seriously - but that was a pretty weird company).

    • Jeans every day! Lucky you. I'm doing a teaching placement in a high school right now where we're not allowed to wear jeans. It's strange, since most teachers I had wore jeans most days. But the students are required to wear uniforms so it's only fair I guess. We can't even wear sneakers.

    • So are uniforms common in Canada at public schools? Or is it just private schools? In the states it's just private schools. But I think there has been a very slight trend to adapt uniforms in some public schools.

      I'm an old hippie and one of the first three guys in my school to grow long hair. I thought we broke them of all those silly habits long ago. :D

    • No uniforms at public schools but there are dress codes (like no mini skirts for example). Private schools and Catholic high schools schools (faith based public school pretty much) have uniforms. They usually go along with the school colours. I've been places in a Catholic school so it's expected that staff follow a more modest dress code.

  • Right now I am doing a teaching practicum/work placement for the remainder of the school term (basically, getting practical experience in the classroom before becoming a teacher), and it's business casual. No jeans or T-shirts except on specified days (it's usually a Friday ), and no running shoes/sneakers. Men have to wear a collared dress shirt and dress pants or khakis, necktie is optional. Women have to wear dress pants and an appropriate shirt or blouse, or a skirt or dress of an appropriate length (knees).

    I've been placed in a Catholic high school where students are required to wear uniforms (and all the uniforms have neckties), so that's the kind of environment I'm in at the moment. It's not permanent though.

  • We don't have one where I am seems like if it's clean & well kept your fine.

    • This one I like! Don't know if it would be possible in all companies (100% of the staff needs to have the discipline to do it...) but I'm a favourite of the idea of general guidelines. No uniforms :-)

    • I like it too.

  • Formal clothing Blazer & skirt

  • Umm, pajamas :-P
    I work from home, I get to wear whatever I want.
    Woo hoo ^_^

    • Haha, at first I was surprised... I would call it pyjama. But google explained me that in "US English " it's pajama's.
      So learnt something new today :-)

    • I didn't even realize there was more than one spelling for it, haha! I guess because it's not a word I have to write often, ha!

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