Ladies- best high heels-brand and type?

What's your favorite brand of high heels? What's your favorite hight? Sexiest colors? What do you wear with your high heels? Do they make you feel sexy? And also do you feel sexy when you wear high heels while having sex?


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  • I am not lady but I was with my cousin sister at showroom last week. So guuci, 61/2ish inches, red and that's amazing idea to wear em that time ha

  • I'm not a lady but I hate high heels, unless they are the boots

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    • I don't like them. Sorry.

    • Well you have you opions

What Girls Said 1

  • Casadei, Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, Schutz, Loboutin, Avec les Filles. I am a skirt girl, so it's all lengths (not micros, no super minis).
    Yeah they make me feel sexy and I love them. I wear them only per request and height, from 4.5" no platform to 6.8" with 1.5" platform

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