GAGers, take a look at these photos (link). I think there's something kind of hot about it.?

I know it's not what we're used to, but is it really that bad or offensive? I don't think so. What are your thoughts?


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  • i see nothing wrong with it. society has trained us to think that women with hair anywhere are gross/unattractive. Some people may adhere to that belief, but not all. More and more women these days are shaving less. If a woman does not want to shave her underarms, then thats her right. if you don't like it... don't look at it..

    • Historically as inaccurate and wrong as it could be... If there's anything superficial in the answers on here, it's your knowledge in this matter. Read up, there are a few books I suggested in the comment to my own answer, then consider another answer.

    • yes, i have actually done research on the topic. and no i'm not completely incorrect. you name instances throughout cultures in history/ yes, that is true, but it was not a widespread "standard" at those times. it wasn't a requirement for women who wanted to be seen as anything but filthy. (ancient egypt would be a specific example of this, where both genders shaved, but it wasn't for "beauty".) American women, as a whole, in particular didn't really start shaving until the early 1900s. I believe legs came later, but i don't recall off the top of my head at the moment. ... if it were really a matter of shaving being about hygiene, maybe all the hairy men of the world should catch up with us "advanced" women...

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  • I don't see anything wrong with it. This obsession with hairlessness is annoying anyways.
    My friend is Chinese and she never shaves her underarms. At first I thought it was weird, but it's not like it makes her any less attractive, it's just what the media tells us what is normal

  • His thought behind is complete cr*p but I don't mind his "art". The ideal that a woman should not be overly hairy is as old as humanity. Already the ancient Sumerians wrote about it: Beside a bunch of religous texts, they left us one of a noble woman explaining how to get rid of hairs anywhere.
    In Greek it was also the ideal for young men (with no white hair). Hair belonged to the head and nowhere else. For older men it was interestingly normal to wear a beard (as in Herodot's history mentioned: after the hair started growing white).
    For the ancient Germans it was about the same. A woman would wear hair on her head and nowhere else (they used some mixture of bee wax and tar for their "brazilian" waxing and honey for treating the skin afterwards).

    The question of what body shape looks good, has changed a lot during history. From "normal" in Ancient Greek (I don't know earlier cultures though) to very thin in Ancient Rome to chubby during the Medieval to obese in 17th to 19th century back to first "normal" and then extremely thin again. Now it's swaying back to a more normal.

    • Books on the topic:
      N. P. Wiseman, "On the Perception of Natural Beauty by the Ancients and the Moderns", Nabu Press: 2011
      H.-C. Huf, Geschichte der Schönheit, Heyne: 2013
      M. Reinhart, Schönheit und der Körper der Frau: Eine Analyse, Ed. Vabene: 2011

  • Hairy pitts are gross , why don't people just put people with healthy BMI's and no airbrush instead. Hair anywhere is gross

    • maybe because theyre not superficial assholes? shrugs

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    • i didn't say SHE was. open your eyes and read.

    • Quite frankly who cares.

  • I think a woman needs to take care of herself. That includes shaving, waxing, and all those other stuff.

    • not shaving doesn't mean she's not taking care of herself. that is just your view. women are not OBLIGATED to groom in an particular way. It's her choice, she can make her own decisions. ...the start of shaving had nothing to do with hygiene. it was started by a campaign by a razor company who wanted to sell to a new market. Why should we groom ourselves according to what manufacturers dictate. If that were the case, then we'd all be douching and perfuming our vaginas, and making for a very unhealthy body...

    • I said I THINK

  • I think it's gross. I don't care for it.

  • That's weird..


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