Working out for a bigger butt?

If you have a small butt, people always say to do squats and lunges to make it bigger.

But, muscle burns fat. So, if you are doing butt exercises, the muscles in your butt sit underneath the fat. So wouldn't all those exercises burn the fat off your butt and make it smaller?


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  • If you're skinny you probably won't gain a lot of muscle anyway but you will gain some back there. Mostly sugar in you blood will be used as fuel. When fat is used though it comes from overall bodies reserves and which is mainly from where your body wants to lose it rather than from the fat near the muscle. actually the fat near the muscle has nothing to do with where it comes off is what I'm saying.


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  • Exercising your muscles burns fat while building muscle, so you will gain muscle in your glutes (butt muscles) while the jiggly fat part is what will go away, thus making your butt bigger overall but more shapely and round.

    The best way to build the muscle is by using weights when you squat, as squatting by itself will probably just burn off fat mostly, as you said. You also need to increase your caloric intake in order to build more muscle. I'm no expert on the matter, but I've been trying to work on getting a bigger butt myself and that's what the sources say, lol.


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  • They'd tone your muscles and in due course expand them. A toned butt that becomes larger with muscles tends to be perceived as more attractive than one that's larger & loose with fat :)

    • Fat doesn't necessarily give shape it ensures volume but toned muscular ones tend to give shape with tone & bulk :D

    • + nature has made women in such a way that the butt is one of the most guarded areas by nature in women

  • you build muscle there, getting a bigger and firmer butt...

    • But if muscle burns fat, then you're just replacing the fat with muscle. So now your butt looks the same as it did before only less squishy.

    • so you keep working out, and keep building muscle.

      body builders aren't naturally huge having only burnt away their fat. they build muscle.

    • Yeah, i know it seems like a pretty obvious thing, it just seems in my mind that if you build up all this muscle, then you'll have this rock hard ass which wouldn't be very appealing on a girl lol

  • Small butts are long as it's round.


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