What Do You Look For In A Personality.....(specific)?

any question that says what do guys look for in a girl has the answers looks and personalities. But I want specifics! actually just not for me, its kinda a question for ALL ladies. Be specific men! (and if its just your opinion, tell us anyways! I know people have different ideas and bla bla bla) Sooo what (specifically) do you look for in a personality (ie not just like laid back er whatever)


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  • what I notice first is clear beautiful skin, a bright smile. If she ain't smart that's ok. If she don't have nice curves and as long as she is hot that's ok too. Money is a plus. brains are always sexy. I like a girl with lots of girlfriends. Usually rich girls aren't very smart, and the poor girls are very bright. I like a girl that actually likes to be with her guy not to impress her friends. and on and on


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