How to get rid of split ends on my hair?

My hair is pissing me off.I vut them like every month to not get split ends.But by thath they don't grow long.I'm tired...I had a haircut and there have been 20 days or so.I cut only a little bit because , they would be short again.And I don't know what to do.
They will either be long with split ends or short and healthy, but not really.


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  • A lot of companies insist that they have certain hair products (conditioners and other hair treatments) that are able to "seal up" your split ends, hence "solving" the problem. But they don't work, actually. And if they do, it's only temporary. There's really not much you can do about your split ends. The only way to truly get rid of them is by cutting them off. If you don't cut them off, they'll end up splitting further up, which means you have to cut off more and more of your hair as time goes by.
    There are some things you can do to PREVENT your ends from splitting, though.
    1. Don't wash your hair every day, or even every other day. Your hair needs the natural oils that your scalp produces in order to become healthier and stronger.
    2. Don't use curling/straightening irons excessively. Over time, they will damage your hair and make it dry and brittle, which will cause split ends to occur. Also try to let your hair dry naturally after you've washed it. And if you have to dry it with a hair dryer for one reason or another, at least let it dry on its own for a while until it's damp.
    3. Put some Moroccan oil on the ends of your hair. It makes the ends a little stronger as well as revitalizes your hair in general.
    4. Don't use one of these brushes
    You should preferably use one of these
    The reason why is because the first brush tends to brush your hair more harshly, and if your hair is on the dryer side, it might cause your hair to slightly break.
    5. Make sure you use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Aussie has some really good conditioners.

    • I'm already using that kind of brush which is very gently.I don't use heat irons and not even hair dryer (only if I have to).I DO wash my hair every other day, because it's really oily and my scalp is itchy (I don't have lice-I've checked like 20 times ΕVERYWHERE because I was freaked out) if I need to wash them.I read that you can't have your scalp be itchy because that shows you it needs to be washed.But I will try the moroccan oil.And once a week I do a natural mask with egg and oil.

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    • Oh that's great thanks!

    • Just make sure you cut the entire split part off, otherwise it'll keep splitting anyway.

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  • Tightly twirl little sections of your hair and the ends usually poke out then cut them off even the little white ends.

    • Yeah I know about that method, but because me and my hairdresser used to do it al the time now my hair is less strong and they look harsh.Serioysly.

  • Just take a very good care of your hair.. wash with a good brand of conditioner everytime after using shampoo, use hair serum (the one compatible with your hair's type and needs), put heat protectant before blow drying your hair (the less you blow dry it the better), avoid long periods under sunlight without a cap, try not to dye your hair for a while to give it a rest of all the chemicals that are blocking the nutrients your hair needs to grow, and if your hair is bleached dye it the color of your natural hair and just leave it that way for a few months or even a year cause bleaching your hair is really the worst thing you can do for it.
    P.s.been there and those things helped a lot .
    Good Luck

    • I have never dyed them and if you read my replies to others you'll understand how I treat them.It's really hopeless. :(

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    • Thanks girl :)

    • Anytime:)

  • Condition your hair a lot more and use protein treatments.

  • Cut them off?

    • I am cutting them off but, if I continue I will stay in this length for ever or even get them shorter!!! I don't want that

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