Guys, What features do you find attractive about some races of girls? Girls, What do you admire? (example in description haha)?

Like for some Caucasian girls-their long hair, for some Hispanics and (others of similar skin tones)-their tan skin, for some African Americans-their full lips, and so on.

Obviously I don't mean to stereotype. Not every Caucasian girl has long hair, not every Hispanic girl has tanned skin, not every African A. girl has full lips...

But just in general haha :P


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  • Islanders (Pacific[fiji], carribian[Puerto Rico])
    Peru, long black hair like woven night, beautiful skin tone, in better shape/more athletic, natural beauty, carribian chick's have booty


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  • I like black guys the most.
    They are down to earth and real, most have very nice bodies plus the ones I've been with have very Hughes cocks.
    Most aren't shy, and go for what they want

  • south Asian girls are usually the ones with long hair not caucasion girls.
    i like a man with dimples.

  • I like Hispanics and Scandinavians the most. But then again it's hard to choose I like all races :D

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