How to dress if you're short, and have big boons & butt?

Okay, first things first. I am not by any means trying to look for attention with this question. So, I'm a freshman and I have a major issue. I have big boobs, and a big butt. Now, I run cross country and track, so my legs are slim, but I still have a little belly. But anyways, my boobs and butt are a lot larger than most girls in my grade (I'm close or pretty much a 32C) and so, it's really difficult to dress with my body type. I'm 5'4 and the only time I feel confident, is in dresses and leggings, so I can cover my slight belly and put curves in the right places. I absolutely hate wearing shorts and t-shirts because they stick out from the front and the back (if you get my vibe) and the trend in my school, and city is oversized t-shirts with Nike shorts, but I can't really pull that off. I look really fat (in my perspective) but other girls get upset when I complain about my body since they have smaller features. I've (obviously) never seen my body the way others can, but in my perspective, it's hard for me to feel confident since I feel so large with my boobs and butt always sticking out. Anyone else have this issue? And how should I dress, like what's the best thing to wear that doesn't make everything stick out?


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  • Wear a really good sports bra those flatten your boobs out a good bit and then you can just stick with a good old T-shirt and sweat pants


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