What are some products for lose curls?

What are some really good products for lose curls? I use to have long hair that went down to my butt when I was little and unfortunately I never took care of it so it got knotted and I had to get it cut off. I've been wanting to know what kind of hair products to keep my hair healthy and non frizzy. I take good care of my hair because it's my beat feature of myself. I'd be appreciated if you can give me suggestions.


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  • People dies for curls and you want to lose them? You have a beautiful hair, I think.
    For losing, there are long period straightened products, but I don't think you can use them on your own. You can ask to an hair salon so they can implement it for you.

  • The shea moisture line is pretty great., they have a milk that you put on your hair, and it keeps the curls nice without the frizz.


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