I'm now insecure about my appearance, thanks to my friend?

I can take constructive criticism very well about things I can control, such as my work efficiency and personality. But my friend made a comment saying that I look older than I really am. I'm 28 going on 29 in a week. He said I look like I'm approaching my mid 30s. For most of my life, I've looked like the younger one of the group. I feel more insecure to look older than I really do. Seeing how I'm more attracted youthful looking women, I feel like younger women would be more judgmental and assume I'm older than I really am before even giving me a chance.

Should I find ways to make myself look younger and resist the aging process? Will exfoliating products help?


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  • Well, don't jump to conclusions, because so far, only one person has said this to you, right? 1. Only he might see you this way or 2. He might just be jealous or something if you're a hot guy. Don't worry too much about it, unless more people tell you. Sometimes, people are pretty secretive about their opinions, so if you're desperate to know how people see you, try asking some of your closest friends, ones you can actually trust. But apart from that, don't really stress out too much about it.


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  • To somewhat relate to you: when I was 11, people said I looked 16 and charged me with adult fare (16+) for stuff. I cried so much over that and had to show my school ID to say I was 11. I was so insecure and got into this whole anti aging thing. Now I'm 16, and look 18.

    Preserve your youthfulness for as long as you can. Start getting active (if you aren't already), if you have a diet that's full of processed foods, change it. Find ways to preserve your body. Resist anti-aging. Don't buy products, make your own. Buy granulated white sugar, and olive oil. Mix the two ingredients in your palm and rub it all over your face to exfoliate it.


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