What to wear to prom on junior year?

First time going to prom my junior year. I am 5'1 , olive skinned. I dont know if a long dress would suit me or a short one. My budget ia pretty small so no more than 120. The thing also is that i have a bit if bacne on my back shoulders and a bit on my chest. What can i di to get rud of it befire prom comes by? My prom is in the month of may. Should i do my own hair and makeup or have an older friend do it? I want to clear my face more also. Ideas?


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  • Drinking enough water can help your skin clear up. My dermatologist gave me samples of PanOxyl body wash to clear up acne on my body, but you can find similar things at the drug store. Just make sure you stick to your skin routine.
    If you're trying to save money, finding a friend to do your hair and makeup for free is really helpful, and sometimes doing your own isn't so bad.

    Everyone here wears long dresses for prom. As for finding a dress, some stores have affordable dresses, like DEB and even Dillards. Another good option is to check Craigslist or Facebook groups near you. We have one for used prom dresses.


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  • junior year wear a short one, seniors usually have seniority over long ones. To get ride of any acne start eating pretty healthy things, acne can get worse due to sugar and oils so try to stay away from those for a bit. Carry around Oxy pads and what not so that you can clear your face of any extra oils throughout the day, and apply an oil free moisturizer after you wash your face.
    I did my own makeup but got my hair professionally done (dont' think it really matters though - just depends on what your budget is)


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