Why is it that beautiful girls are deemed superior for not doing anything?

Why do guys always say " o she is not on my level, I would never dream of getting with her" just based on her looks, when she could have the worst personality? Why do only beautiful girls deserve everything without having to do anything, and are often rotten on the inside?


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  • Because beautiful girls don't have to work for anything. Think of a child that is spoiled. Do they care about anything or anyone? No, they just expect that everyone is supposed to do what they want. It is conditioning.

    As for guys dismissing beautiful women. It is fear of rejection. No guy wants to be rejected and many guys are realists. They see a supermodel type and they instantly dismiss her due to the fear of rejection. If they are rejected by regular girls then why in the world would this beautiful girl accept their advances?

    This is why it pays to be like a Neanderthal at times and dismiss your thinking, logic and/or pride and just go talk to the girl without thinking too much. The longer we think the less are our odds of getting the courage to talk to that beautiful girl.


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  • It's like judging a book by it's cover. It looks good, so they build up an expectation of it in their mind that it is so great. They mistake attitude for personality. She carries herself in a confident way, but underneath of it all, what do you got. They built up an expectation of someones personality, based on their usual attitude. Sometimes, it happens. Not all of 'em are like it. But the ones who are, are noticeable.

    And like, if that is the attitude of someone trying to date, they are already setting themselves up for an upset. Unless they have "irresistable" puppydog eyes, lol.

  • I've known women of all appearance "levels" who have real shitty personalities. Some of these hyper-attractive women you mention will probably end up alone later in life. Sure they get the attention and guys now, but the men will leave them after finding out about the shitty personality, especially when their looks fade due to age.

    They don't really deserve better treatment, they just get it because guys are willing to pander to her needs in return for the possibility of sex.


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  • Because they never get told No. But, not all beautiful women are rotten. Some really have good hearts and are pretty smart. :)